Project Seagrass

Advancing seagrass conservation through education, influence, research and action  


Project Seagrass has trained and partnered with numerous of local communities, national governments, public and private institutions, and NGOs.

At present, we have a number of projects underway. In each we are championing the adoption of enduring and climate-smart approaches to fishing, watershed management and more. In the next five years, we aim to train more community leaders to inspire the adoption of such solutions.


Together, with our growing network of partners, we seek to meet the increasing demand for seagrass conservation at scale.

Community Leaders

Since our inception, Project Seagrass has partnered with community leaders, and trained them in the principles of seagrass education and social marketing to help them inspire community pride in seagrass resources. Lasting partnerships with these community leaders help mobilize people to manage natural resources sustainably, enabling communities and nature to thrive. 

Local Governments

Partnerships with local governments are critical to understanding local contexts and informing how we design solutions so they work for each unique community. We aim to develop trusting relationships with local officials to put in place governance frameworks that protect the local environment while reflecting the needs of the individual communities.

Regional Governments

Just as key as local governments are regional government offices who often have the responsibility of protecting natural resources like watersheds or seagrass meadows across multiple localities with different or even conflicting priorities. We partner with these regional or provincial governments, typically environmental or development authorities, to bring all stakeholders to the table, scale innovative local solutions and help pride for sustainable management of natural resources from community to community.

National Governments

Countries are constantly balancing natural resource utilisation with conservation to meet the needs of their people—and effective solutions often begin at the local level. Partnering with national program offices and ministries is important in our eyes to remove barriers and incentivise implementation of community-led solutions, with the potential to scale.

Policy Partners

Implementing policy solutions at the national level requires partnerships with organisations with global reach. Project Seagrass partners with multi-national organisations to find, replicate and scale policies that achieve conservation and development outcomes, and secure commitments from national governments to implement them.

Other NGO's

NGOs are looking to invest in proven solutions that can help them achieve their missions to help people and the planet. Project Seagrass partners with like-minded NGOs to bring together diverse and complementary areas of expertise to tackle the greatest environmental challenges facing humanity.

Academic Institutions

Every day, new insights from the natural and social sciences are transforming how we understand seagrass meadows and the communities that depend on them human—including how we, as individuals engage with nature. As a dedicated team of scientists, Project Seagrass seeks to bridge the gap between academia and conservation for lasting impact.

Private Sector

There simply isn’t enough global philanthropy to meet the world’s sustainable development goals (SDGs). Scaling a conservation or development focused solution means finding creative ways to blend public and private capital for lasting impact. Project Seagrass welcomes collaborates with corporations and impact investors to develop innovative market-based approaches that blends private capital with public funding to finance the transition toward more sustainable behaviours.